US mexican border

La Linea

La Linea

Two thousand miles of common border separates the USA from Mexico, running between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, traversing four US and six Mexican states. More than just a boundary, the line represents a division between developed and developing  world and two distinctly different cultures,  slicing the landscape abruptly in towns and cities, and anonymously and silently in the vast empty deserts.

The crossing of this line carries the hopes of thousands of migrants who make the journey every year as they head north looking for the American dream.

This collection of photographs document the line in many of its forms, from the urban fortresses to the rurally benign. Much has already been documented of the human plight in relation to this land. My interest lay in the division of two distinct societies bisected by something as simple in parts as only a line on a map.

Work on this project began in 2002 and some 25,000 road miles later the border and the region’s narrative continue to evolve.

These photographs represent a selection of the work.